8270 E. Northfield BLVD #1480, Denver, Co. 80238

8270 E. Northfield BLVD #1480, Denver, Co. 80238

From Tokyo to Tucson
                    street foods are prominent in all cultures. The diversity of America is symbolized in its street foods, from our Hot Dog Carts to Taco Wagons, Barbeque Grills, Crab Shacks, Pizza Stands and Fish Markets.  Street foods always appear at times of celebration and fun. 

Sal’s Street Food presents a wide selection of the best Street Food America has to offer, including our own designer brand called Stuff Its. These are various favorites such as Macaroni and Cheese, Sloppy Joe, and Pizza Ingredients stuffed in a light, flaky, easy to hold crust. Our Fresh Street Fish is presented in in the pure form of sushi for the seafood lover and Asian Palate.  

Nigiri: (Two pieces) Choose from fresh Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail                or Unagi, atop sushi rice.

Maki Rolls:  Hand rolled with quality nori, and sushi rice, choose                from Tuna, Spicy Tuna, Salmon or Yellowtail.

Philly Roll - Salmon, cucumber, cream cheese and avocado.

California Roll - Crabmeat, cucumber and avocado.
             wrapped in nori.

Rock N' Roll - Lobster, cilantro, jalapeño, lettuce, avocado &                  cucumber wrapped in nori

Sal’s Street Food

Chicken Kabobs – Marinated Chicken grilled with peppers, 
            onions and mushrooms
Italian Beef Sandwich - Thin slices of seasoned roast beef, 
            dripping with Au Jus, on a long Italian roll. Straight out of the                   streets of Chicago!! 
Philly Cheese Steak – Served on the streets of Philly. Roast Beef,                    Green Peppers, Onions and Cheese on an Italian Roll. 
Hot Dog – All beef frank Coney Island style!!
Corn Dog – All beef frank wrapped in thick layer of cornmeal batter.
Mac and Cheese – Elbow macaroni with creamy homemade 
              cheddar sauce.
Sweet Potato Fries – Served with a honey butter dipping sauce.
Chili Cheese Fries – Topped with homemade chili and cheese sauce.
Buffalo Wings – Choice of 6 or 12, hot or mild.

Stuff It!
Stuff Its! are our Signature Street Food, featuring a variety of delicious fillings packed inside our homemade, Flaky, Buttery Crust.

Ham and Cheese – Stuff It! crust with forest ham and cheddar                       cheese.
Chicken Artichoke and Spinach – Stuff It! crust loaded with                      grilled chicken, artichoke hearts and fresh spinach in a 
             garlic cream sauce.
Meatball Sub – Stuff It! crust stuffed with meatballs, 
             marinara and mozzarella cheese.
Pepperoni and Mozzarella – Like it says, this is a Stuff It! with                  pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and marinara.
PJ&B- Stuff It! crust with peanut butter, jelly and caramelized banana.
Chicken Parmesan – Stuff It! crust filled with fried diced chicken,                  marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.
Sloppy Joe – Stuff It! crust stuffed with a perfect blend of sauce,                      spices and ground beef.

Cheesecake Balls: Cheesecake breaded in graham cracker 
              crust and fried.
Brownie Balls: Crispy fried Brownies.​